50 years ago, a man with a family to take care of and a good sense of business started selling sewing machines door to door. After years of success in the business world and many product variations he settled down in Lexington, Kentucky and opened the business we are today, Furniture World Superstore.

The mission for our company is to create a business where customers come to shop a wide selection of brand name furniture that fits their comfort, style, and most importantly, budget.  We hope that with our variety of bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture you will be greatly satisfied. 

      Our customers are our main focus when selecting furniture to showcase in our store fronts. Our designated family buyers continue to always search for the best buys and values in the furniture market. Furniture today is made all around the world and each brand that we buy from is unique because it is made to be individualized and different from its competing brands.
    It is our goal in each of our 7 Kentucky locations to provide you the best shopping experience we can. We focus deeply on building teams in each location full of hard working, respectable people who's main focus is you.
                      Come on in and see the difference that family makes at Furniture World Superstore! 
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