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Q. Do you deliver? 
A. Yes, we deliver to any address in the state of Kentucky.
Q. How much is delivery?
A. Your delivery cost will depend on your location. We charge delivery by zip code, not by item count. Once we figure out your charge, it will stay the same regardless of if you have one piece or a whole house full. The delivery charge also includes complete set-up of your new furniture. We open it at our store, load it on the trucks, and set it up in your home the way you wish for us to. 
Q. Do you haul away old furniture? 
A. Unfortunately not, at the expense of time we ask that you have your old furniture moved out of the way before we arrive at your home so we can set up your new furniture exactly where you want it. Our delivery crews have a full day, so we try to make it as time efficient for them as possible. 
Q. Do you have items in stock? 
A. Yes! We have an abundance of items in stock that are available to be delivered to your home on a date we have available or picked up and taken home today! 
Q. Is everything on your website in stock? 
A. Not all of the items on our website are in stock but all of the items on our website can be ordered. 
Q. If something has to be ordered, how long will it take to come in? 
A. It all depends on the piece being ordered and the brand it's made by. Also if that manufacturer has it in stock. Some things can be ordered and arrive in less than a month, whereas more custom items may take 4-6 months. Once you decide which items you would like to purchase and order, we can give you a pretty good idea of when it should arrive. 
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